Jamie Oliver Starts Selling Sandwiches in Petrol Stations

By Gary Cutlack on at

Petrol titan Shell has teamed up with irritating but well meaning food enthusiast Jamie Oliver, in an attempt to get marginally more enjoyable sandwiches into the UK's network of petrol stations. One lucky punter might get a sandwich that Jamie has prepared himself, although they're probably all made in the same industrial park as the rest of them.

80 new Oliver-branded products are launching in Shell from January 31, despite the fact that pork pies and crisps are the only acceptable emergency foodstuff to buy while travelling. Who on earth, when faced by all the various treats within a petrol station, and outside of the normal conventions of meal times and food choices, opts for a sandwich?

Perhaps they're for people trying to get ripped on bread and vegetables, as Jamie is particularly proud that his Shell Deli range has more fruit and veg in it than rival sandwich and on-the-go brands; so expect to loads of weird crumbly sandwiches with lumps of vegetables in them, like the new "Smoked cheese & slaw spicy chipotle chicken" which will be an utter nightmare to eat while driving without getting all over your suit trousers.

And yes, there is a quote from Jamie, to be read in your best internal Jamie Olive impression voice: "Food-on-the-go is going to become a far bigger, more normal part of everyone’s busy, modern lives – so it's essential we make it more enjoyable through better-quality ingredients and exciting flavours. My pledge is to keep listening to what Shell's customers want, keep improving standards, and be as useful as I possibly can be for Britain's busy motorists." [Shell via Talking Retail]