Land Rover Teases Return of Box-Shaped Offroader for 1,000th Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

Land Rover is once again giving farmers something to be excited about buying on expenses, releasing a tiny bit of new information about the forthcoming reboot of the iconic Defender series of offroaders. Yes, it's coming, perhaps by 2020, and it'll look like... we still can't really tell.

This image here comes directly from Land Rover, which shows a potential model undergoing off road trials in North America.  The wacky paint scheme is to hide bodywork features, as the company is not yet ready to show the world what it's done to modernise the popular utility vehicle. Because it's almost certain that the world won't like it, because we all know what the world is like nowadays, and redesigning such a legendary vehicle is about as poisoned-a-chalice job as can be.

What the company has revealed, though is that the US and Canada is getting a variant of the vehicle, and that the actual thing, minus the camouflage paint and masking tape, will be revealed late in 2019, ahead of a full release in 2020. Things don't move quickly in Land Rover land. [Auto Express]