Leaked Image Claims to be Our First Look at the OnePlus 7, Complete With a Sliding Camera

By Tom Pritchard on at

With CES just finishing of, and MWC little over a month away, there's plenty of news happening about the flashy new phones that are on the way in the first half of this year. Most attention has been on Samsung's Galaxy S10 and foldy Galaxy F/X, but a new leaked image claims to show off our first look at the OnePlus 7 - and if it's to be believed it means there's a camera slider on the way.

This images comes to us courtesy of Slashleaks, and while we'd like to believe it's real there's a very good chance that it isn't. Take a look at it, compared to the OnePlus 6T:

As you can see there seems to be space in this case for a camera that's not part of the phone's display up top, suggesting OnePlus will follow the same route as sister companies Oppo and Vivo (among others) by adding a sliding mechanism to hide avoid camera holes or any kind of notch.  There'a also a much larger speaker grill up top, which suggests this unidentified phone has a proper dual-speaker system rather than just the basic receiver featured in previous models.

The problem is that this could easily just be a phone someone's slapped a 'Never Settle' background onto, which would make it a big fat fake. What stands out to me is that there's no alert slider, and that's been a key feature of OnePlus handsets for years. In fact their PR told me that it's one of the company's most popular features. The phone we see here has the power and volume buttons on the right hand side (a big change from past phones), and an unidentified gap on the right. There could be an alert slider here, but there's a good chance that gap is for the SIM card slot. There's nowhere else it can go based on this design.

It's impossible to say for sure, but lets all err on the side of caution for the time being. The OnePlus 7 won't be announced for a few months yet, long after MWC if last year is anything to go by, so we need to buckle in and wait. We're bound to be hearing more in the coming weeks anyway. [Slashleaks via TechRadar]