LED Bulbs Are Making A Noticeable Difference To UK Energy Use

By Holly Brockwell on at

Sometimes it can feel like climate change is a huge and unstoppable force that we can't do anything about, so it's always reassuring to hear that our efforts can and do make a difference.

To that end, a new report on government data shows that more efficient products like LED bulbs have collectively made (slightly) more of a difference to CO2 emissions than renewable energy.

The report, from climate analysis site Carbon Brief, states that the level of electricity generated per person in the UK has dropped to its lowest level since 1984 (that's 35 years ago, fact fans), and is down 24% since 2005 to boot.

We have the EU to thank for a lot of the savings: the European Union's standards for products like lightbulbs and appliances have led to a drop in demand, or rather need, for energy.

That's not to say that renewable energy hasn't helped much: switching supplies has also had a big impact, cutting the use of fossil fuels by around 95 terawatt hours, which is apparently the equivalent of around 55,882,353 barrels of oil.

The BBC reports that renewable energy accounted for 33% of electricity generated in the UK last year, which is a new record.

In short, whether you want to save the planet or just upset the Big Orange Climate Change Denier, keep buying those LED bulbs.

Photo by Edgar on Unsplash