Lego's 2019 Sets Are Available Now

By Holly Brockwell on at

It doesn't seem five minutes since we finished singing Auld Lang Syne, but it's officially January and that means new Lego.

Among the new sets available on the Lego shop is the rather gorgeous Modular Buildings set for 2019: the Corner Garage.

Comprising 2,569 pieces and some very cool minifigs, the set is available now for £159.99. Hope you saved your Christmas money.

There are also new Star Wars, Overwatch, Ninjago and other sets available in the shop now. And while we're Lego shopping, don't forget that spending £60+ on Lego Movie 2 stuff entitles Lego VIPs to two free cinema tickets.

The Lego January/post-Christmas/whatever-excuse-we're-using-today sale is also on, including Darth Vader at a tenner off since he's "retiring soon." Someone tell Luke!