The LG G8 Will Have Two Connecting Screens And Won't Cost A Fortune

By Holly Brockwell on at

The upcoming LG G8 – which will be pronounced 'Gate' in the UK whether LG likes it or not – will be made up of two screens that can be combined, says a new report from Korea.


Due to launch at Mobile World Congress next month, the LG G8 is taking a different approach to the foldable bandwagon already jumped on by Samsung, Royole, Oppo, Huawei  and others. Thankfully, it's apparently a much more affordable approach -- Samsung's foldy phone is rumoured to cost £1,400.

Its full name is the LG G8 ThinQ, and the rumour is that there'll be one small 3-to-4-inch screen, and another one that combines with it to make around 7 inches overall. Honestly, that's not as large as we were expecting – 7-inch screens are available in one piece on phones like the Huawei Mate 20 X – but maybe the point is to be more portable. Or to pacify all the people who still insist on keeping an £800 piece of tech in their jeans.

According to CNET, the phone won't fold per se, so maybe it's a modular design like the G5 – a phone with an extra bit of screen you can tack on.

It sounds kind of similar to the ZTE Axon M, which was a sort of Nintendo DS of a phone. It had a thick ol' stripe in between the two displays, but screen tech is improving all the time, so maybe LG have something better in store.

ZTE Axon M

Interestingly, LG is apparently continuing the focus on gesture navigation that we've seen on its previous phones (like the thing where you can start the selfie timer by holding up your hand) with a new UI called 'touchless input.' It's said to include front-facing phone sensors that'll read your hand gestures from a foot away. We know you're all thinking "that's going to be amazing for porn" and we're here to tell you you're probably right.

The G8 is rumoured to cost around £700, which is on par with other non-expanding smartphones, and makes the phone more likely to be a commercial success. We'll find out more at Mobile World Congress in February.