Chris Pratt Will Serve Coffee At London's Pop-Up Lego Café

By Holly Brockwell on at

As every caffeine addict knows, everything is decidedly Not Awesome until you've had your coffee.

Lego clearly agrees, because it's building a replica of The Coffee Chain café in The Lego Movie 2 on the South Bank in London, consisting of 48,627 bricks.

Created with the dual aims of promoting The Lego Movie 2 and raising some money for Unicef UK, the café will give out free coffee on Friday 1st February 10am-6pm and Saturday 2nd, between 10am-5pm. While there's no obligation to pay for your coffee, you are encouraged to donate to Unicef in exchange, and you're not a git, so you will.

Even better: when the café opens at 9am on Friday, the first customers will be served by Chris Pratt and Tiffany Haddish themselves – that's Emmett and Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, of course.

The café will apparently take six builders more than 236 hours to create, and includes newspapers, a coffee machine and doughnuts made of Lego (we'd prefer actual doughnuts, but eh).

If you can't get to the South Bank, using the hashtag #EverythingIsAwesome will give you the chance to win an Awesome Delivery of doughnuts and coffee. But you still have to be in London to qualify. Sorry.

You'll find the Lego café at Observation Point, South Bank. Southbank, 58–72 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT. It's going to be popular, so maybe have a coffee before you go.