Man's Drone Rampage Closes Severn Bridge

By Gary Cutlack on at

One drone owner didn't get the message about being in best behaviour mode for the next few months, as he decided to kill a few hours over Christmas by taking his drone up the top of the Severn Bridge for a little treat. No doubt to generate some content for one of his channels. Things quickly escalated as you might expect, as drone users are currently in the national and international doghouse thanks to the Gatwick furore.

Police say it was a man in his 20s, which is what we would've guessed, and he came down quietly – but only after the road was closed for everyone's safety. Highways England, which operates the stretch of the M48 that links England and Wales, explained: "The incident was quickly spotted on our security cameras and reported to police and thankfully there was no injury or worse on this occasion. Appropriate security is in place on the bridge, we are liaising with Avon and Somerset Police and will be undertaking investigations to determine if any damage was caused during the incident."

The bridge seems to have a bit of a design flaw in that it's easy for content-generating men to get up it from road level, with popular-with-some-people YouTuber Ally Law summiting it in early 2018, recording his escape from police in the process, and supposedly leading to security enhancements to stop this sort of thing happening again.

This latest stunt-doer has been found and charged with causing a public nuisance, a charge that should really come in the box when you buy a drone. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia