Mark Hamill Shared Some Hot Trivia About A New Hope's Death Star Run

By Julie Muncy on at

Decades after its release, it’s easy to imagine we know just about everything about the production of the original Star Wars. But A New Hope still holds a few secrets close to its chest. And some of them are delightful.

Mark Hamill was given a challenge. Supposedly, Friday was National Trivia Day, a fact that Google confirms but which I still don’t quite believe isn’t completely made up. Anyway, someone tweeted the Star Wars star and challenged him: what’s some trivia you can drop on us that we might not know? And Luke Skywalker delivered:

According to Hamill, a record-setting heatwave meant that the pilots assaulting the Death Star mostly went without the bottoms of their suits, wearing shorts instead. A bunch of orange jumpsuited, athletic-short-wearing heroes. What an image.

Also, what a reminder that shorts aren’t really a thing in the Star Wars universe, are they? You don’t just see people chilling in a nice pair of space cargo shorts. That’s too bad. Sometimes you need to give your legs some breathing room, y’know?