McDonald's is Releasing a New Big Mac Variant With Bacon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Bacon is delicious, provided it's cooked properly, and it always improves any burger you might want to eat. So it made sense when McDonald's decided it was going to offer a version of its double cheeseburger with extra bacon inside, and it definitely makes sense that it's now doing the same with the Big Mac.

The original Big Mac isn't going anywhere, of course, but now McDonald's has decided to offer the UK the chance of having bacon in the classic burger from the get go - rather than making us add a single slice in manually. But that's not all. McDonald's will be bringing back the Mac Jr and Grand Big Mac, with both bacon and baconless options for you to enjoy.

The only downside is that it's all only available for a limited time, from 30th January (tomorrow) until 19th March. The Bacon Big Mac is set to cost £3.09, while the Bacon Mac Jr and Grand Big mac variants will cost £2.29 and £4.09 respectively.

Michelle Graham-Clare, Head of Marketing at McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said:

‘The customer reaction to our Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. last year was phenomenal, the love for the iconic Big Mac surpassed all expectations. ‘Which is why I am delighted to introduce bacon to the Big Mac range, a twist on a classic which has sparked debates around the world – is a Big Mac still a Big Mac if you add bacon?’

The answer is yes, obviously. The only question is whether it's still a Big Mac without all the sauce, pickles, and crap they put on it. I hate all that stuff. [Metro]