McDonald's Launches Vegetarian Happy Meal for Self-Determining Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today is turning out to be quite the historical turning point in the history of non-meat, mass market foodstuffs, as a full vegetarian McDonald's Happy Meal is launching, to join the Greggs vegan sausage roll on the lunch options list of both the soft and hard vegetarians.

The "main" in the veggie happy meal is a tortilla wrap filled with pesto, ketchup and lettuce, like the sort of thing you might make in an emergency when there's an unexpected vegetarian coming round for lunch. It is also vaguely vegan, although not ultra hard pure vegan as the wrap is toasted in the same toaster as the non-vegan buns, and McDonald's isn't so committed to this that it's sending every branch a standalone toaster for it, as it's only for kids. There's also a plastic toy still bundled in with the Happy Meal, and some sort of pudding in a plastic tube.

There's a new option for adult vegetarians too, with the burger chain launching a Spicy Veggie Wrap that's kind of the same but bigger and with real tomato, and it comes in a cardboard holster and with no toy, as adults are hard to buy for, especially at this time of year when the living room is still full of Christmas junk. [Metro]