Meizu is Crowdfunding its Holeless Smartphone, and It'll Cost You £995

By Tom Pritchard on at

A week ago Meizu unveiled the Zero, the world's first commercial portless phone. In other words one that doesn't have any headphone jacks, SIM card slots, or charging ports. It doesn't even have buttons, which just feels like the Chinese company is asking for trouble. Now we know how Meizu is getting the first batch into the hands of the people: selling them via crowdfunding platform Indigogo for $1,299 (£995) a pop.

The company initially put up 100 'Exclusive Engineer Units' up for pre-order, with the outrageous-sounding pricetag. But if you thought $1,299 was bad, there was a single 'Exclusive Pioneer Unit' available for an even-more-ridiculous $2999 (£2,297). It doesn't seem like there's a hardware difference between the two, but the Pioneer Unit is expected to be dispatched within five days. The rest won't arrive until sometime in April.

I would bet money on the Pioneer Unit being bought by some sort of journalist, because it may be a small price to pay for three months of exclusive content.

This sale is no guarantee that Meizu will sell more then 101 devices, or at least that's what one of the company's spokespeople told Engadget. So if you desperately want one of these, and you have more money than sense, you should pick up one of these while you can. At the time of writing there are still 91 left. [Indigogo via Engadget]