Michael Gove Says Batman Can Never Be Prime Minister

By Holly Brockwell on at

We love a good subtitle fail – analysts reduced to 'anal cysts', or of course the infamous Year of the Whores:

And the subtitle shenanigans have struck again with Michael Gove's surprisingly decent speech to Parliament.

Gove stated that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – "that man" – should never be allowed to become Prime Minister. And the subtitle fairy intervened, and accidentally unmasked Batman at the same time.

We always thought Batman was Bruce Wayne, but it turns out it's been Jeremy Corbyn this whole time.

"Why do we fall, Jeremy?"
"Because the capitalist machine is designed for a continuous cycle of boom and bust to keep us subjugated and consuming."

Not gonna lie, we probably wouldn't watch that film. But if actual Batman does fancy turning up to save us from the deal-or-no-deal Brexit quagmire, that would be pretty damn welcome at this point. [i News]

Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash