Michael Owen's Huawei Endorsement Is Cringetastically Awkward

By Holly Brockwell on at

Celebrity endorsements are usually a cringefest, and Huawei's have historically been even more so. Celebs including Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill have promoted the smartphone brand in the past, and the latest name in the Huawei stable is footballer Michael Owen.

A pinned tweet posted to coincide with transfer deadline day includes a terrible, toe-curling video in which Owen and Joe Cole make a series of football-sounding comments about the "big decision" to transfer to Huawei phones. They didn't think their friends and family would understand...!

Brilliantly, though, it doesn't seem like Owen has made the switch at all -- or if he has, it literally happened this morning. Which isn't a lot of time for his friends and family to see how happy he apparently was, or for him to describe the move as "life-changing." Because as of yesterday, Owen was still very much using his iPhone:

Yep, once again Twitter bringing back the tweet origin function has helped to out a dodgy branding deal.

Of course, Owen did imply he only 'transferred' today, Deadline Day. But a few hours just isn't enough time to see the effects he's claiming. Plus, it seems his PR team – who tend to post more promotional, better-written tweets with fewer emojis – actually do use Android, whereas Owen himself seems to stick to iOS.

Crystal Palace player Wilfried Zaha also posted the sponsored tweet, despite not being in the video. His most recent tweet (other than the endorsement itself) also came from an iPhone.

We'll be interested to see if future emoji-laden Michael Owen tweets do indeed come from the Android platform. We've already called him out, of course, so maybe he'll stick to his endorsement from here on.

If not, at least he can't be demoted, unlike the poor saps who posted Huawei's new year tweet from an iPhone.