More Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumours Give Specs, Details

By Holly Brockwell on at

Once again some new details of the Galaxy S10 have leaked, and once again we're wondering whether there'll be anything left to reveal on the 20th of February.

Thanks to an epic Twitter thread by Max Weinbach from XDA, we have some new specs and details about Samsung's new flagships. Read the whole thread if you want minor details like whether the charger is glossy or matte (hey, you do you), but these are the key points:

Some of this we knew already, including the fact that the highest-end S10 will have a whopping 1 terabyte of storage -- we broke that story ourselves in our mega-S10 leak. It's also important to note that Weinbach emphasises that the specs are only rumours, but they do conform to what we've already seen and heard from multiple sources.

The S10 will look a little different to previous flagships, by the sounds of things: Weinbach says the handset is "kinda glossy like the S8 and N8 unlike the S9 and N9 which are matte." (N8 and N9 refers to the Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9).

What do you think of the latest leaks? Must-have phone or not what you were hoping for? Let us know in the comments, it'll help pass the time 'til the 20th of February. [Slashgear]