M&S Trials Paper Bags for Veg and a Good Old Greengrocer

By Gary Cutlack on at

M&S is throwing one of its branches back to the pre-shrinkwrap days of the 1970s, trialling a massively reduced plastic store that empowers people to put their own vegetables into paper bags -- and even has a "greengrocer" on hand to playfully bounce an apple on his arm and call all the old ladies "love."

This exciting plastic-free veg innovation is happening in the Tolworth branch, which Wikipedia has just told us is a suburban area of southwest London in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, located 11 miles (17.7 km) south west of Charing Cross. So London, as usual.

Shoppers visiting the branch will see unwrapped naked vegetables rudely thrusting out from the shelves without their usual plastic pants on, with a total of 90 fruits and vegetables set free from their sweaty underwear in two entire plastic-free aisles of glorious retro food shopping. Best before dates have been binned too, and there's a specialist greengrocer on hand to explain to people that it's OK if someone else might have touched that banana and it is still fine to buy and eat.

Louise Nicholls from M&S said: "Our trial at Tolworth is an important milestone in our plastic reduction journey and bringing back the traditional greengrocer will play a key part in educating our customers. Our plan is to create long-term impact in the future using tangible insights from the Tolworth store trial." [M&S via Guardian]