Nancy Drew is Here to Solve All Your Mysteries in the Trailer For Her New Movie

By Julie Muncy on at

Nancy Drew is cool. The heroine is at the core of a legacy of girl-centred detective stories, whether in novels, games, or other media, and they’re incredibly fun. Who doesn’t like to solve mysteries?

Courtesy of The Ellen Show, here’s the trailer for the newest entry in the Drewniverse (do people call it that? I’m going to call it that.), Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. The movie, starring Sophia Lillis as Nancy, is produced by Ellen Degeneres, and follows the young heroine doing normal teen things, y’know, like making new friends, learning how to drive, risking mortal danger while solving mysteries. Average growing up stuff.

Does this movie look cheesy? Oh, yeah. Do I wish Nancy Drew could get a bigger budget film to do the character’s legacy justice? Naturally. Am I here for this? So much so.