Netflix Launches Bandersnatch: The Shopping Experience in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

Netflix has taken over a small part of London again, this time hiring out a shop in the Old Street area of the city and speccing it out as 1980s video game and music shop Tucker's Newsagent and Games to promote streaming smash Bandersnatch.

Of course, in the 1980s we bought video games from a small rack in the back in Boots or chose from the five tatty options available in Woolworths as games never had this sort of high street visibility back then, but still. It's a bang old clever idea, and was spotted fitted out but seemingly not yet open for business by Twitter user Anisa Sanusi:

In other slightly sadder Bandersnatch fallout today, star Will Poulter has given up posting on Twitter after being effectively hounded off it by people saying he looks a bit weird when deliberately made to look weird for TV. Which is, quite ironically, all good material for Charlie Brooker. [Twitter, BBC]