Netflix Resorts to Giving Clues on How to Unlock Secret Bandersnatch Endings

By Tom Pritchard on at

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the first of Netflix's interactive programmes for adults, is an interesting experiment - even if the content of the film itself has had mixed reviews. Sadly there are a lot of endings, and it had looked like people wouldn't be able to unlock them all - which is why Netflix has started giving us hints.

This will make sense to people who've already watched Bandersnatch, obviously, but I imagine it'll be lost on the rest of you. If you're in the latter group you can just sit back and be outraged about the fact Netflix's social media person doesn't know what capital letters are.

Who knows where this extra hint will take people, but knowing Black Mirror the final result will probably be depressing with a touch of irony. It's something to do next time you're bored, anyway, and certainly beats watching Friends for the hundredth time.

Still we don't have to be too worried about not getting all the endings. Even Charlie Brooker doesn't know how to reach Bandersnatch's post-credits scene, and he wrote the damn thing.