New Rumour Reiterates Galaxy S10's Launch Date

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back before Christmas, when we released our bumper load of leaked Galaxy S10 information, our source divulged when the phone was expected to be announced. Now new information reiterates that we will see the new phone on 20th February.

This information comes from The Korea Herald, The Wall Street Journal, and noted Samsung leakster Ice Universe.

Where Ice Universe got his information isn't clear, but the two papers quote sources that divulged this information. Obviously we broke this information last year, but it is nice to have some other sources reiterate what we said.

The past few years have seen Samsung announce the new Galaxy S handset at MWC, so getting it out five days early is a strange change in pace. It's not clear why the company is doing this, though I imagine other phone companies will be glad that Samsung isn't hogging all the big headlines for the duration of the show.

Korea Herald claims Samsung is changing things up for the Galaxy S range's 10th anniversary, and the WSJ says there will be launch events in both London and San Francisco. Presumably that'll also be when we get to see more about the long-awaited folding phone as well. [via BGR]