Now TV is Going to Pay Someone £35k to Watch Box Sets For a Year

By Holly Brockwell on at

Those 'win the best job ever' competitions are officially A Thing now, but we have to say Now TV has outdone a lot of them with its version.

The Now TV Box Set Sabbatical is an opportunity for one lucky git to win a year of doing nothing but watching TV, for a salary of £35k. That'd rent you at LEAST a cupboard under the stairs in London (hope it's got internet).

The competition was announced with this wacky video starring comedian Joel Dommett:

Dommett recommends dressing up for your entry video, which means everyone will now do that and you should definitely do something else.

We've probably ruled ourselves out of the competition by writing about it, so you'd better go and do us proud and win this thing. Then everyone round to yours for Game of Thrones and popcorn, yeah?