London's NYE Fireworks Contained A Pro-EU Message

By Holly Brockwell on at

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has royally pissed off the Brexiteers by including pro-EU messages in his New Year tweets and even the fireworks themselves.

Part of the firework display last night included the London Eye lit up to look like the EU flag, and Khan added fuel to the gammons' rage by tweeting:


Song choices included 'We Are Your Friends' and 'Don't Leave Me Alone'.

Khan has been upfront about his desire for a second referendum, and some Leavers have kicked off that the fireworks shouldn't be a time for political messages from the Mayor.

However, while we wouldn't want to see "accept May's deal" splashed across the skies on December 31, Khan's message came across more as a reiteration that people from the continent are still welcome here. That's important considering how multicultural London is (the capital strongly voted for staying in the EU) and how xenophobic the country has felt since the referendum result.

Obviously, though, that didn't stop the Twitter complaints. A small sample:

And so on.

Tory MP and Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen told The Sun that the pro-EU message was "a betrayal of democracy" and "what we have come to expect from a very poor mayor of London."


The display started with the words 'London is open' boomed in seven languages from loudspeakers.