Paddy Power is Taking Bets on Brexit

By Holly Brockwell on at

Sometimes the only upside of a terrible political situation is the chance to make a bit of money by betting on the outcome. Well, that and making memes on Twitter.

Bookmaker Paddy Power seems to get this, because they've got a whole page of Brexit-related bets to stake your soon-to-be-worthless pounds on.

You can bet on things like whether the first meaningful vote on the Brexit deal results in acceptance (9/1) or rejection (1/33), whether there'll be a second EU referendum before the end of 2019 (1/2 no, 6/4 yes), and what the result of said referendum would be (5/1 Leave, 21/10 Remain).

You can get odds of 11/1 on the government introducing food rationing in 2019, and there are loads of choices you can put bets on as to what they'll ration first (Mars Bars are 150/1, which is the same odds they'll give you of Nigel Farage becoming PM in 2019).

You can even get odds of 2/1 on KFC closing UK outlets in 2019 because of a shortage of chicken. Lord, haven't we suffered enough?

As for us here at Giz UK, we'd like to know the odds on:

  • The UK becoming the US's 51st state
  • BoJo dyeing his hair brown to have a better chance at PM
  • Brexit being rebranded 'The Elizabeth Exit' to try to make it more appealing.

How about you? Stick your best Brexit bets in the comments.

Photo by Jaime Casap on Unsplash