Politicians Act on Serious Issue of Low Letterboxes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amid the boring, neverending politics that's been going on of late, one Conservative MP has provided everyone a bit of light relief by asking for the government to drop everything and pass new rules on the maximum and minimum acceptable heights of household and business letterboxes. That's what people go into politics for.

The problem, says MP Vicky Ford, is that the low-level boxes favoured by some are doing in the backs of postmen the country over, so Something Should Be Done. MPs in general agreed with the motion, in which Ford asked for the nation's building regulations to be amended to contain a minimum height requirement for all letter boxes and various slots. We'd like to add an amendment to this that says they should also be fatter and be able to fit an Xbox through too, to save us trudging to a grim industrial estate on a Saturday morning.

She even made a joke about knockers, telling the House: "I met the Communication Workers Union, they told me the key issue for their members and it's not Brexit, it is low level letterboxes and dangerous dogs. Now I am not asking homeowners to retrospectively change their existing letterboxes or replace their front doors. When it comes to front doors, a lot of people are very fond of their knockers. This Bill simply wants to stop developers from building swathes of homes each with a letterbox placed near the ground and I hope that this will be a moment of unity in British politics."

The Bill has been passed for a second reading, but is unlikely to make law as there's only a certain amount of time set aside for debates on new laws and minor ones like this tend to fall by the wayside. [ITV News]

Image credit: Unsplash