Pop-Up Walking Dead Exhibition Has Actual Zombies

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Old Truman Brewery is hosting an exhibition dedicated to patchy zombie TV horror The Walking Dead, in which some actual painted-up zombies will wander around recreations of locations from the series.

The "immersive art" experience of The Walking Dead: art apocalypse opens to the public on February 8, with "live walkers" recreating scenes, a version of the home room of character The Governor, assorted prop replicas, and live recreations of some of the show's most famous kills. Art students are plentiful and don't mind dying for the cause.

Prosthetics experts will also be on hand to show how they transform humans into the undead in a three-hour zombie transformation masterclass, plus there'll be lesser make-unders for visitors to have their faces painted like they've died, so they can get loads of attention on the bus home like a kid who's been done up as a tiger in a shopping centre.

It's basically an advert as it's back on TV soon, hence admission is free. [Campaign]