Poundland's Plastic 'Gift of Nothing' is Not the Valentine's Gift for Environmentalists

By Holly Brockwell on at

Nothing says romance like Poundland, or so their recent range of £1 engagement rings would have us believe.

Now, the discount chain has launched another heartwarming gift for Valentine's Day -- the gift of nothing:

Understandably, this has royally peeved anti-plastic, pro-planet protesters, because it's a complete waste of useful materials to make a weak point.

However, the Gift of Nothing does have some upsides:

  • If your partner gets you that and nothing else, they've basically handed you the Breakup Golden Ticket. No one would blame you.
  • It teaches people to use their words like actual adults and ask for what they want for Valentine's Day, rather than saying they don't want anything when they clearly do.

We did also search the Poundland website to see if there were any recycling tips in the description, but technically the search function gave us exactly what we asked for:

The gift of course costs £1. We'd prefer your 'hilarious' partner gave the quid to charity and gave you a note expressing as much, but we guess it doesn't have the same 'bants' factor.

Again, though, if your chosen life partner thinks an opportunity to show their love in gift form is a great time for 'bants', you very much have our permission to throw the entire human away. There are 7 billion others on the planet, and some of them might actually get you something you'll use.

Main image: KimxPx via Twitter