Premier Inn Says One of its Edinburgh Branches is Battery Powered

By Gary Cutlack on at

One particular Premier Inn in Edinburgh claims to be able to run entirely on batteries, if it so chooses, thanks to having a five-tonne li-ion battery installed on the premises with enough capacity to power the entire 200-room building for three hours. Even if everyone's desperately charging phones and boiling small kettles for their complimentary tea.

That means the Gyle Premier Inn can do all the complicated things to do with cheap rate tariffs and buffering off-peak power to offset daytime bills, which the chain's owners say could save around £20,000 a year in electricity costs. Even just a two-hour charge can run the place for three hours, even when it's breakfast time and the kitchen is churning out the sausages, bacon, and piles of yellowy stuff that's probably egg.

No one at the hotel is in charge, though, as it's all being remotely managed from the regional HQ of energy supplier and battery installer E.ON. The electricity company's accounts director Rickard Oakley said: "By adding the flexibility of battery storage we can also help Whitbread to upgrade to the full-board option of drawing electricity from the grid when prices are low, storing that energy for use at peak times and having the ability to sell it back to the grid to help balance supply and demand on the network." [Metro]