Rail Passengers Join in the Fun of Striking Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who rely on trains for their daily getting about the place chores are protesting today, in an attempt to make a bit of noise about the ever increasing cost of buying train tickets in the UK.

Organised by Transport Focus, there should be some banners and polite chanting to witness at stations in London, Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere today, with the group's main request being for the government to switch from using the Retail Price Index to calculate fare increases to the Consumer Prices Index instead, a change that would hopefully slow the annual ticket cost escalator a little and leave people feeling less financially violated each January when the latest annual rises kick in.

Anthony Smith from Transport Focus said: "Passengers now pour over £10 billion a year into the railway alongside significant government investment, so the rail industry cannot be short of funding. When will this translate into a more reliable services that are better value for money? The Government’s Rail Review must bring changes to the industry that benefit passengers." [Transport Focus via Guardian]