Samsung Accidentally Leaked Images Of The Galaxy S10

By Holly Brockwell on at

Own Goal of the Day goes to Samsung, who managed to use the unreleased Galaxy S10 for its sample phone in an article about its new UI.

Spotted by Reddit user qgtx, the article originally had a phone with a punch-hole camera in the top right corner (though it wasn't terribly clear unless you jacked the brightness right up):

We suspect the hapless designer who made the mockup just grabbed some standard phone images from the server and didn't notice they were of the S10. You can tell they hadn't noticed the camera (which was almost invisible on the image at its original brightness, as you can see below) because they failed to include it in the software layout on the right.

The image was swiftly replaced by Samsung to a more generic phone with no side buttons, as you can see in the before and after image below:

While lots of people are suggesting the leak was completely intentional and a marketing effort, we think it was a genuine slipup. That camera is ridiculously hard to see on the original, and if it was really an intentional leak, wouldn't it have been included in the software image on the right, too?

Either way, we've had our first official look at the S10, it seems. We already knew about the punch-hole camera and the button placement is nothing new, so the only notable thing is just how slim those bezels are.

Not long to wait now 'til we see the real thing officially: as our leak correctly predicted, the Samsung Unpacked launch of the Galaxy S10 will be on the 20th of February. Will it include everything we don't already know about? Here's hoping.

All images via Reddit u/qgtx