Someone's Been Snapped Holding An S10 Plus On A Bus

By Holly Brockwell on at

The leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been pouring in, but the latest one is probably going to get someone fired.

A Reddit post has appeared of a creepshot of someone holding what appears to be the S10 Plus:

Image: Reddit /u/hissick27

Suspicions were raised by the pill-shaped camera cutout on the top right of the screen, and a purported Samsung worker chipped in to confirm:

This is the 10+. Look like a worker on bus to/from Suwon campus.

He has the security case on (flip cover, folded corner on left), but he removed the security software that puts watermark/employee+deviceId on screen. Lot of trouble for that

Edit; I have one also, AMA

If that's true, it sounds like the worker is going to be in some major trouble if Samsung figures out who it is. While they might have thought they were safe on a bus to the Samsung campus itself, spies are everywhere – and now they've all got cameras in their pockets.

The Reddit poster, who claims to work on Bixby, added some more information about their experience of the device:

[It's] good! Lighter than Note 9 but about the same size. Dont notice the hole at all, though i havent tried many games/videos since the security watermark makes that annoying. OneUI feels polished. Pretty darn fast.

But like the last few generations of everybody's phones, the differences arent HUGE.

Except the fingerprint reader under the screen. Shit's cool. Though face recog is usually faster, and it's a little hard to find the spot with the sensor when the UI doesnt guide you to it from the lockscreen

The image itself doesn't tell us much, apart from the fact the S10 will have miniscule bezels, but we kinda guessed that already. Still, with so little time to go before the big launch, the legitimate leaks will be ramping up – and we reckon this is probably one of them.

Fingers crossed nothing too bad happens to the worker in the photo, though. They probably just hadn't had their coffee yet. [Techradar]