Say "I Suppose You'll Do" With a Poundland Engagement Ring

By Gary Cutlack on at

Are you a man? Have you been badgered into proposing even though there are few taxable benefits to the union nowadays? Then why not show your disillusionment with the institution of marriage by proposing with a Poundland engagement ring.

Ideal for people for whom marriage is mainly seen as a temporary arrangement designed to halve rent costs, the £1 Poundland engagement ring trumps all the fancy diamond ones by coming in four different colours. Choose the one that best complements her threadbare onesie. Buy all four, then let her choose like the £4 princess she really is.

If you want to be an arse about it, you could argue that the value of the ring isn't important because it's symbolic, like a tattoo, putting her name on the council tax or letting her hold the TV remote, and you could theoretically get engaged by kneeling down with a curtain ring; but good luck explaining all that to a crying woman stuffing bras into a rucksack and making arrangements to have someone else look after the cat. [Poundland via HUKD]

Image credit: Poundland