60 Per Cent of Us Chose the Frosties and More Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Stats

By Germain Lussier on at

Admit it: As you moved your way through Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, you wondered what your friends chose. Now, Netflix has begun to let us know.

Several official Netflix Twitter and Black Mirror Twitter accounts went mad this evening, listing a bunch of random facts, which you can now read here:

  • “On the biggest day of Stefan’s life, over 60% of his friends from the future fed him Frosties.” - @BlackMirror
  • “Compared to the rest of the world, Brits were *less* likely to waste a good cup of tea (obviously). Bandersnatchers in Britain chose “throw tea” only 52.9 per cent of the time. The rest of the world do so 55.9 per cent of the time. - @NetflixUK
  • “73 per cent chose to ACCEPT the job at Tuckersoft.” - @Netflix
  • “Out of the five main endings, the one where Stefan goes on the train with his mum *fights tears* was the path least travelled.” - @NXonNetflix

Speaking personally, I did not choose Frosties, I did not throw the tea, I did accept the job at Tuckersoft (at first), and I DID get to the mum on the train... after like four tries.

I hope Netflix releases more of these stats, because they’re fascinating.

What about you? What did you pick?