Spanish Selfie Demon is Not Satanic Enough for Locals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Locals in the Spanish city of Segovia are angry with Satan. Not because he's been stealing goats and getting the local girls pregnant, but because a proposed statue of the legendary bad man appears... too nice.

A sculptor has been ordered to cease work on the bronze version of the devil, after a petition campaign said that his chubby, smiling face and approachable attitude – not to mention the fact that's he's taking a sodding selfie – are not exactly in keeping with the historical legend that accompanies the demon.

The particular complaint is that the statue "exalts evil" and makes the devil seem like a funny bloke, albeit one who's displaying his penis to passers-by. A judge has now ordered work on the statue to stop pending a more evil reworking. Perhaps giving him an erection for people to hang their shopping on while they take a photo of the view might help nasty him up a bit?

The artist told the BBC that he's shocked and saddened by the reaction to his cuddly demon even though the council is on his side, saying: "I love Segovia. I have lived here for three decades and I was hoping for this sculpture to be a form of demonstration of how thankful I am to Segovia for being my adopted town. I haven't received any money whatsoever for this sculpture. I haven't done this for the money but as a personal tribute to the city I call mine. You can imagine how I feel." [BBC]