The Cheaper Galaxy S10 Lite Might Have Reverse Wireless Charging As Well

By Tom Pritchard on at

Reverse wireless charging isn't new, and neither is the news that Samsung is adding it to the Galaxy S10. The thing is we didn't know *which* S10 devices would be getting the fancy battery-sharing feature. The pricey S10+ was a given, but it seems all three models will come backing reverse wireless charging - even the cheap S10 Lite.

SamMobile mentioned this information about a month ago, and now a new image of the S10's featureset has leaked seemingly confirming that the S10 models will be coming with what Samsung calls 'Powershare' (via TechTastic):

Obviously all the text is in Korean, but you can infer a fair bit from the imagery. It;s the S10, obviously, with a full screen, something about a fingerprint scanner, something about a camera, and a symbol that shows the battery going somewhere. USB-C battery-sharing has been around for a while, so that's not news, and it's fair to assume this is wireless without actually reading the text,

It's a bit of a surprise, considering the S10 Lite (or S10 E, according to some leaks) is supposed to be a version of the phone that keeps costs down by ditching many of the flashy features from the pricier models. Word is it has a flat screen, rather than the curved Edge display, which hasn't been seen on a Samsung flagship since the launch of the Galaxy S7 in 2016. Then again since the phone is bound to support Wi wireless charging anyway, reversing the power flow probably isn't the most difficult thing in the world.

Of course this may end up being nonsense. It doesn't seem that likely, but you never know with this sort of thing. People are getting very good at creating convincing fakes, and we won't actually know for sure until Samsung formally launches the phone on 20th February. At least we don't have long to wait not. [TechTastic]