The Expanse's Third Season Hits Amazon Next Month, Belters Still Waiting for That Season 4 Premiere Date

By James Whitbrook on at

Later this year, we’ll get to see the fourth season of The Expanse, after Amazon swooped in and saved the show from cancellation at Syfy’s hands. But good news: you can while away the time you’ll spend waiting for it by being able to watch all three seasons so far on Amazon Prime Video, starting next month.

Amazon has officially confirmed (via Deadline) that the third season of The Expanse will officially begin streaming on Prime Video in just a few weeks, on 8 February—with seasons one and two already available on the service if you want to catch up on one of the best sci-fi shows currently on TV...and missed all the hubbub when it was on Syfy. You get an Expanse! And you get an Expanse! And you! And you! The Expanse for everybody!

While we still don’t know when to expect season 4 just yet beyond the vague window of “some time in 2019”—we’ve barely seen a glimpse of it, let alone any real footage. But still, it’s nice that all of the show will be in one place on its new home (hopefully for a good long while yet) ahead of its arrival.

Featured image: Syfy