The Foldable Phone Craze May See the Return of the Motorola Razr

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you believe people on the internet the Motorola Razr was *the* phone to have before the iPhone came along. Back in the days when fliphones reigned supreme, and you could hang up on someone by snapping your phone shut with a satisfying snap. Well the brand may be making a comeback, thanks to the new trend of foldable phones.

This news comes via a report from the Wall Street Journal, noting that the Lenovo-owned Motorola plans on reviving the brand using the new foldy tech we've started seeing from the likes of Samsung and Royole. Sadly, like all foldy phones, this revived Razr is said to come with a big price tag. $1,500/£1,165 is the WSJ is to be believed. It's not that surprising, considering the Royole Flex Pai is $1,300 and the Samsung Galaxy F/X is supposedly upwards of £1,500.

While this wouldn't be the first time Motorola has tried to revive the Razr brand, this makes sense. What better way to succeed a popular foldy phone with an evolved kind of folding device. It might well be a bit too fragile to slap shut with force, it's certainly more satisfying that tapping a touchscreen.

It's not clear when we'll see our first glimpse of the new Razr, but the WSJ says it could in the US as early as next month - via the Verizon network. That suggests there might be something interesting to see at MWC, which kicks off on 25th. More as we hear it. [WSJ via TechCrunch]