The Future of Cars is Grey, Not White

By Gary Cutlack on at

In your face white cars, the people are bored of washing you all the sodding time; the most popular colour for new cars in the UK last year was a good old, miserable, foglike, wet drizzle, political, non-committal, 48-52 ratio shade of grey.

That's according to fun stats from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which says that various shades of grey – of which there are rumoured to be as many as 50 – were sprayed across the bodies of more than one fifth of all cars registered in the UK throughout 2018, beating black into second place and pushing electric car white down to third.

Blue, red and silver are next, then there's a massive gulf down to orange, which is the colour of all those weird new puffa Citroens you see about the place and a few miniature city cars too. Orange increased its share of car colour world by 37 per cent on 2017, though, so whichever company does do them in orange clearly hit a winner with its 2018 facelift. [BBC]