The Latest Lego Movie 2 Set to Be Revealed is Amazing

By Kim Snaith on at

With The Lego Movie 2 releasing next month, Lego has already released a slew of sets that tie in with the film. Shame on you if you thought that was all that was coming, though: the 19 that released on Boxing Day were just the beginning. More are to come, and today the biggest (and best) one yet has been revealed: Welcome to Apocalypseburg, which is launching in Lego Stores and online on 16th January.


It's 3,178 pieces of Mad Max-style brick-shaped mayhem, and it looks brilliant. It does come at a price though: the set is £279.99, which is pretty steep. It's a full £100 more expensive than Assembly Square, a modular set with 800 more pieces. But if you can stomach the price, that's one mighty impressive setpiece to have on display somewhere. The Statue of Liberty's head is obviously the focal point, but there are lots of cool little details too: there's a gym made out of a train carriage, a coffee shop with a buildable coffee machine, a hidden chill-out room and a sewer filled with 'Sewer Babies'. Not sure what they are yet but they sound delightful.

There are also 12 minifigures in the set, presumably part of what pushes the price up – especially considering some of them are licensed from DC. You've of course got Emmet and Lucy, but they're accompanied by Batman, Harley Quinn and the Green Lantern, among other faces you'll recognise from the first Lego Movie. Where Are My Pants? guy is in there somewhere, this time kitted out to cause carnage in the wildlands (and still with no trousers on).

We'll have a full review of the set here on Giz soon, and until then we'll be looking longingly at the pictures, wanting it for our own collections. It'll be available directly from Lego on 16th January.