The Mad Box is a New Console From Project Cars Studio Slightly Mad

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've played either of the Project Cars games, you'll know that developer Slightly Mad Studios is capable of shiny, high-end visuals in video games. But apparently simply making games is not enough: the company is also getting into the console manufacturing space in the near future, as it has just announced "The Mad Box".

Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell announced the move in a cryptic tweet, before later revealing further details and elaborating on the news.

The system will apparently support 4K gaming, VR at 60FPS per eye or 120 FPS total, and a number of peripherals.

Speaking to Variety Bell elaborated, with the rather disappointing revelation that the console is planned to ship in around three years' time. He explained that it would be a standalone console like the PS4 and Xbox One, and will be compatible with most VR headsets on the market. Presumably this means it will support PC VR headsets but not PSVR. Bell also stated that the console would be priced "competitive with upcoming console prices" suggesting it'll be in-line with the eventual PS5 and Xbox Two, or whatever they end up being called.

Though Slightly Mad has turned to Kickstarter previously to fund games, it apparently already has funding secured for The Mad Box. The console won't be targeting exclusive games as incentives, so it'll be a while before we see if there's any reason to plump for this over more established offerings... or whether it's just a bit too bonkers to succeed.