The World's First Home Cat DNA Test Will Be At CES

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's nearly time for the massive annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) tech tradeshow out in Las Vegas, and already the news is pouring in thick and fast.

One release that pricked up our pet-loving ears is the announcement that the world's first at-home cat DNA test will be coming to CES. Called Basepaws (a pun on base pairs, geddit?), the test is a kind of 23 & Me for your kitty.

At a cost of $95 (about £75), the Basepaws kit gives you the genetic breakdown of your puss, including what breeds are in its lineage, and even if there are any wild cat genes in the mix (we guess this is kind of like finding out you're 2% Neanderthal). There'll eventually be health info too, with a heads-up about potential diseases and nutritional needs.

Find out what your cat's DNA can tell you about their ancestry and ultimately their health and habits

As someone with a random rescue cat that people are always saying "looks a bit Maine Coon" (he's just large, dammit) this is right up my alley. Of course, there's every chance DNA testing your floofs will lead to the same recriminations as testing your siblings – been sold a £1,000 'pedigree' that it turns out is just a moggy? Ooh. Awks.

Anna Skaya, Founder and CEO of Basepaws, mews:

"DNA research has revealed a vast amount of useful, often life-saving information for humans. We want to facilitate those same kind of breakthroughs for cats.

Our reports connect owners with insights about their cat's breed. The technology is there to change how we approach our beloved pets' well-being."

And a little bit for bragging rights, surely. "Nice cat" "HE'S ACTUALLY 5% BENGAL."

Fancy a bit of cat boastery? Find out more about Basepaws here.