There are Two New Episodes of The Grand Tour Coming This Week

By Tom Pritchard on at

So The Grand Tour is back, bringing with it all the things people either love or hate about the series. Normally Amazon is content with releasing one new episode every week,  much like a normal TV broadcaster, but things will be a little different this weekend. That means there's a double dose of Clarkson and co.

Episode two will be released on Friday (25th), as normal, but because it's the first half of a two part special Amazon has decided to release episode three the next day (Saturday 26th). The trip itself is one big road trip, like the episodes of Top Gear everyone agrees are the best, and will see the three presenters drive across Colombia. As Jeremy Clarkson put it, they were "the first television programme in history to go to Colombia and not use the word ‘Cocaine’", adding “Colombia’s got a lot more to it besides Pablo Escobar, and we just wanted to get that across really.”

The goal, according to the show, was that Amazon asked them to take pictures of animals that could be used as company screensavers.

“Naturally, their contrasting approaches to buying suitable cars are matched by their contrasting attitudes to photography, none of which are conventional nor especially effective since animals initially prove to be absent or just very good at hiding, leading the hosts on an epic and increasingly challenging trip across one of the most stunning and fascinating countries on earth.”

Well that's quite different to the reasoning behind the Top Gear specials, and sounds a bit made up to me. Amazon has the money for proper wildlife photographers, and could probably do better than send three old men in cars. But those fictional situations are very inline with what The Grand Tour is, so we'll just have to wait and see whether its as good as the old Top Gear specials or completely insufferable watching all the obviously staged encounters.

The series will revert back to its standard weekly schedule from next week, with the release of episode 4. [Radio Times]