There's A Cheaper iPad Mini On The Way

By Holly Brockwell on at

Been considering a new iPad while waiting for your salary to come in during officially the longest month of all time? Well, you might want to carry on holding off -- it looks like there are two new models on the way.

According to a massive piece on what Apple's got planned for 2019, Bloomberg says there'll be an updated edition of the 6th-gen iPad (currently starting at £319) and a new edition of the iPad Mini that'll apparently cost less.

The new iPad is said to have a screen of "roughly" 10 inches, although you could also say that about the existing version's 9.7-inch display. It'll still have Lightning instead of USB-C, but will apparently pack a faster processor.

The iPad Mini 5, meanwhile, is pretty overdue. The Mini 4 came out all the way back in 2015 (longer ago than it sounds like) and starts at £399, which is quite a lot for a smaller, lower-powered device.

We don't know much about the Mini 5, other than that it's rumoured to go back to Touch ID home keys rather than using Face ID. We'd expect support for the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, and there's code in iOS 12.2 which suggests that will be the case.

Bloomberg says we'll get the new models "as early as this spring," which we're guessing means March -- a traditional time for Apple to hold an event. We'll see, but it might be wise not to buy any Apple tablets for the time being. [Macrumors]