There's Another Set of Lego Trading Cards Available, This Time Tying Into The Lego Movie 2

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Sainsbury's and Lego launched their second set of trading cards, in the hopes that people will come into the shops and spend a bunch of money to get a full set for them or their kids. Well now there's another set of trading cards tying into The Lego Movie 2, though these ones are exclusive to the Lego store and available until 24th February.

This time round there are only 36 cards for you to collect, and according to the signs in the London Lego store you'll get a pack of four if you spend over £15. If you spend at least £40 you'll get three packs, saving you a whopping £5. The Lego website doesn't have any mention of the £15-a-pack cards, though, and they didn't show up in my basket. So you'll probably have to spend £40 if you want to get any cards. Not that this is difficult given the cost of Lego.

VIP's will also get a collector's album and 'exclusive VIP card' if they spend at least £15. Weird to have the album as an exclusive, but to be honest the VIP card is no different to a clubcard. Just as long as you're happy with Lego keep track of all your purchases for their own personal reasons.

The better news here is that this offer doesn't just apply to Lego Movie 2 sets, and I was able to see three packs in my basket after adding the new Corner Garage set. Sadly it doesn't seem to stack, and whether you spend £45 or £145 you'll only get three packs. If you're serious about collecting you may want to strategically plan your purchases to maximise the number of free cards. Or go into an actual Lego shop to try and persuade the cashier to just give you the extras.

Just remember to be nice, and that online shipping isn't free unless you spend at least £50. Oh, and it's only available at official Lego stores, not including Legoland or Disc