There's Going To Be A London Dog Week

By Holly Brockwell on at

This is exactly the kind of news we need on Bollocks Blue Monday: the announcement of London's first ever Dog Week, which will be held between the 25th and 31st of March.

Hashtagged #LDW (obvs), the event is "a chance to raise awareness of the dog world and promote the benefits and connections between the owners and their furry friends, and to make London a more dog friendly place."

We're good with that.

Here's what you can expect:

London Dog lovers will be encouraged to get involved in a number of tail wagging initiatives during the week and raise the bar in terms of championing puppy love.

There will be a fun-packed, dog-centric sassy schedule for everyone from dog lovers to just fans of the canine tribe. Everything from fashion shows, to grooming spas, competitions, office dog treat boxes, doggy dinner parties, the cuddle club and charity night walks will all be listed on the London Dog Week website.

Current events listed on the website include a session about dog-friendly workplaces, a street food fest with edible treats for good boys, and even a dog-and-human fitness bootcamp.

We're hoping there'll be some events added around teaching landlords and letting agencies to accept pets, like this one SpareRoom ran recently.

The lack of pet-friendly housing is one of the major reasons London's shelters are overflowing, and that's not OK when there are people desperate for a doggy of their own.

LDW co-founder Lois Mallet Walker says

"I know both myself and Aneka have both gone through mental and physical health challenges and our dogs have really helped us through it.

Sharing the power of how dogs are therapeutic and can help you keep a healthy frame of mind, alleviate stress and anxiety in addition to uniting its owner with the local community, is the message we want to spread throughout London."

Amen to that.