They're Putting Alexa in Bikes Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's pretty obvious that tech companies are obsessed with voice assistants these days, and seem hell bent on stuffing them into every device that can handle them. You only need to look as far as Amazon's Alexa microwave to see what I'm getting at. But now there's a new Alexa-device in town, and it's got two wheels.

That's right Alexa has been added to the bicycle world, with the Cybic Legend that's set to hit the UK later this year. The bike is a Halford's exclusive, and comes packed with a touchscreen display, GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile data. And you can interact with it using your voice.

While that may sound daft at first glance, it's not the worst idea in the world. Cycling generally requires you to keep both hands fixed to the handlebars, so you don't veer off and crash into a row of hedges on your way home from work. Using your voice means you can use the bike's smarter features without risking that, or take the time to pull over and fiddle with your phone. Having Alexa means you also have access to the many Alexa Skills that are available, should you need them.

Considering how inattentive some people can be on the road (whatever the vehicle), the more tools they have to avoid distractions the better. Especially if those tools can also tell them where they're going.

Other features include a built-in music player, a connected app, a smart lock, and an alarm - all powered by a Vodafone SIM card that comes with three years of free 3G data. An electric version, called the e-Cybic Legend, is on the way as well. Sadly we don't have any proper specs or pricing information yet, but it will be arriving in the UK sometime this summer.

Halfords' Andy Whitehall said:

"We've seen innovations in alternative commuting go from strength to strength and after electric bikes we predict that the next big trend for commuters will be smart bikes.

"The technology will help cyclists with many things including getting traffic updates, getting turn-by-turn directions, personalised light settings, playing music and much more."

More details are expected to arrive at CES next week, alongside all sort of other things that will no doubt connect to one voice assistant or another. [TechRadar| Pocket Lint]