This Website Shows What The EU's Done For You

By Holly Brockwell on at

Need a new weapon in your fierce online arguments with people who feel differently about Brexit to you?

The MyEU website might just be it, assuming you're a Remainer arguing with a Leaver, and not vice-versa.

The site lets you plug in a postcode (yours, theirs, the Queen's...) and find out what the EU's £5bn a year investment in the UK has got you and your neighbours.

Let's give that money to our NHS instead! Oh wait.

The blue flags tell you about a project that the EU contributed to, and how much. The red ones are hospitals, showing how many staff and beds come from the EU.

It's pretty sobering – not only how much we've benefited from our membership, but how wrecked our hospitals might be if Brexit goes ahead. Who's going to replace the 198 NHS nurses at Nottingham University Hospital, for instance?

The website is open source and made by four named Londoners, but it's unsurprisingly backed by pro-Remain groups, namely Tech For UK and Best For Britain. It encourages you to contact your MP about Brexit with handy links, and you can also add EU projects that aren't on the map yet.

The Twitter account is currently soliciting EU funding signs from around the country to add to the map:

Try it out for yourself here. Most depressing result in the comments wins our sympathy.