Three More iPhones Are Coming

By Holly Brockwell on at

Apple doesn't do big tech conferences like CES and MWC, so we're not expecting megaleaks about their new stuff as much as we are all the other brands. But nonetheless, a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests Apple has three new iPhones coming out this year, one with three rear cameras, another lower-cost one like the iPhone XR and... something else.

iPhone sales haven't been stellar lately, with people replacing their own batteries instead of upgrading and knocking billions off Apple's profit projections in the process. The iPhone XR in particular hasn't proved especially popular amongst consumers, but it seems Apple's sticking with the lower-price, LED-screen model nonetheless.

We haven't seen a treble-camera phone from Apple yet either, so the upcoming model will be its first. Of course, triple rear cameras are already available on Android competitors including the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and, allegedly, the upcoming Samsung folding phone.

Unfortunately, we've already seen renders of what purports to be Apple's triple-snapper and it is hideous:

If that's what Apple considers taking it up to XI, we'll stick with ten.

There's not much more info about what Apple's got planned, but Engadget reports that we'll start seeing iPhones that all have OLED-screens in 2020 (perfect vision... 20:20... just me?).

More importantly, what do YOU want from this year's crop of Apples? Let us know in the comments, so someone else can tell you your preferences are wrong.