Trade Secretary Brexit Heckled at CES

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dr Liam Fox, who has business cards that say he's the Secretary of State for International Trade, got a bit of a shouting at at CES, thanks to his support for the interminably tedious ongoing Brexit process.

Fox jetted over to waffle some nonsense about the UK and trade and accept a made-up award recognising the UK's tech innovations, and when asked by the host what was so special about the UK and what differentiates it from the rest of the countries floundering about trying to solve all of life's problems with an app or a sensor, some wiseguy in the crowd shouted "BREXIT" to mass chuckling from the audience. Not the worst of words to shout at a politician, though.

Fox then continued on to have a look around the the UK pavilion at CES, posing for photos with things made by young people then shaking hands with the men in suits who paid for it all, also giving a lecture from within a UK-designed driverless pod. [Techradar]

Image credit: Twitter