Twitter Brings Back The Chronological Timeline For Android Users

By Holly Brockwell on at

For a long time, Twitter was one of the few social media platforms that let you look at posts in the order they happened, rather than in the order their bosses algorithm decreed.

Naturally, there was outcry when tweets too switched over to an algorithmic timeline in 2016: #RIPtwitter trended on... Twitter. Eventually the social network caved and said they'd bring back the option of chronological (actually reverse-chronological, technically – the newest tweets come top) timelines for people who wanted them.

The feature rolled out on iOS last month and has now made its way to Android, although in a classically confusing Twittery way.

To switch back to chronology, you tap the new 'sparkle' button on the top right of your timeline panel:

Which gives you this:

With a tap on 'see latest Tweets instead,' you're back to the old way. Yay! Now go follow Gizmodo UK, kthx. [Techradar]

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash