Two-Thirds of Households Had a Sneaky Whizz Around Aldi and Lidl This Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats monitoring supermarket visits over the 12 weeks up to December 30 show the continuing booming of the sexy young German discounter twins, with both Lidl and Aldi growing by around 10 per cent compared with 2017's numbers.

Sales at Aldi increased by 10.4 per cent year-on-year, with Lidl up by 9.4 per cent on 2017. In terms of total market share, the two now take 12.8 per cent of all shopper money, an increase from the previous year's 11.4 per cent. Massive meat things in Yorkshire puddings for 69p work wonders on shopping loyalty.

The traditional supermarkets are stagnant at best. Asda did best and grew its sales by just 0.7 per cent, with analyst Kantar saying Sainsbury's fell by 0.4 per cent – and Tesco and Morrisons sit between the two on barely any change at all.

Kantar's Fraser McKevitt said something a bit weird about Aldi's vegetable promotions and how it's becoming the go-to destination for carrots, explaining: "The return of Kevin the Carrot contributed to an 18% increase in carrot sales and nearly one in five households bought the vegetable at the discounter." [Kantar via Guardian]